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A Fetish for Shinigami [Primera]

Title: A Fetish for Shinigami
Rating: Adult
Series: Bleach
Pairing: Grimmjow Jaeggerjaquez + OC & Ichigo Kurosaki + OC
Summary: An obsession, craze, desire, fixation one may call it, but it is one that is deeply implanted within the deepest parts of her soul; it is one in which she has no control over, and yet one that drives her very being.

It is the cause of her grief, happiness, confusion, and love, but at what cost must Delores go through to satisfy her undying need of them and why?

Capítulo Uno: A New Feat

It was early in the morning, and silence stretched its long arms across the castle of Las Noches. At this hour, everyone was presumed to be sleeping peacefully throughout the night until simple knock was heard at the wooden bedroom door. The occupant in the room initially dismissed the peculiar noise and nuzzled her head against the soft, red satin pillow.

A louder knock resounded, causing the female Arrancar to stir underneath the crimson satin covers on the bed. Initially, she had ignored the blatant disregard for time, but to no avail. She groaned, tossing the pillow over her head in hopes of drowning out the pestering noise. From her perspective, any hour before ten o'clock was deemed unholy, and disturbances during those hours were Satan's temptation.  

"Delores, I know you can hear me! I don't want to be up this early either!" yelled a grouchy feminine voice from the opposite side of the door. The reaper of sleep began to knock more ferociously than ever, thus provoking the resting Espada into pointlessly flinging one of her two pillows at the door.

"Damn it! What the hell do you want at this hour, Camacho?" Delores asked groggily and slowly opened her onyx-colored eyes. Knowing her sleep was effectively ruined, she rolled off the bed and collapsed onto cold marble floor to hopefully end this fracas. Angry and lethargic, she forcibly crawled towards the distant door and unlocked it. Without warning, the door wildly flung open and revealed Lizette Camacho, one of the members from Delores's Fracción.

Nothing about Lizette looked presentable this morning: severe bags adorned her contracted crimson eyes, and her golden hair was pathetically pulled back into a long bedraggled ponytail. Her trendy garments were filthy and wrinkled. She wore no shoes, so her ashy, dry feet were exposed.

'Well, I guess she and I aren't morning people...' Delores thought, sitting back on her plump bottom as she wiped the sleepiness and crust from her eyes.

"You females are always hard to deal with at this hour," a male said firmly, stepping into the room and turning on the light. Both females groaned and shielded their eyes from the blinding luminance. Their ridiculous commotion made one think that the rays of the sun were shining directly into their eyes, burning them from the inside out.

"It's not my fault you are an early bird, Santos!" the girls shouted in unison.

"Whatever," he mumbled in monotone, stuffing his hands into his empty pants pockets as he leaned up against the hard doorframe. He looked testily at both girls and scoffed. "Besides, we are here this early because Lord Aizen requests your presence, Delores."

Her eyes darted open from the exciting news. Alert, she stared at the male Arrancar. It was Marlis Santos--the second member of her Fracción. An annoyed expression engulfed his face at the sudden change in her demeanor--from dead to alive in zero seconds flat at mentioning his name.

"Lord Aizen wishes to see me?" she asked, standing up and cupping her hands in front of her body. "Really?"

Marlis closed his eyes and shook his head. "Get dressed and come to his office. We'll wait for you there."

His tone was harsh and blunt; normally, no one would speak to their superior like he did, but this was the foundation of their relationship--love and hate. Marlis admired Delores because of her strength, beauty, and independence; however, she rarely embraced her authority. Her blasé attitude and flakey personality caused him to despise Delores at times since it was not how a commander should act.

Ironically, Delores never reprimanded Marlis for his condescending disposition; in fact, she believed wholeheartedly that it was a sign of his affection for her. She would let him take command at times, primarily when she was being lazy, and this, too, angered him. Nothing she did satisfied the male Arrancar; it was always, without question, a lose-lose scenario. Despite these few truths, Delores saw past his concrete exterior and knew he had her best interest at heart.

Marlis and Lizette exited the room, leaving Delores behind to get dressed. Quickly, she stripped down to her lavish underwear, and then walked towards the closet located on the far side of the room. Flinging the doors open, she embarked upon a treasure hunt for her favorite ensemble: a light-brown vest decorated nicely with black, vine-like designs, and a skirt of the same color that was ornamented with a black dragon on the back and two slits up either side. Although this getup was different from that of the other Arrancar, it better suited her taste, and Aizen had never had a problem with it.

After finding her outfit in the messy closet, she dressed quickly and scampered to the other side of the bedroom. Delores plopped her fanny down on the chair positioned in front of the large mirror and started to comb her luxurious, jet-black hair into two sections. The top-half was styled up into an elegant twisted bun, and the bottom-half was braided into dainty pigtails. Once finished, she casually slipped on her bronze-colored sandals and stood up eagerly. At last, she was presentable to be seen in public.

'Even if it is early in the morning, I will make an exception for Lord Aizen...' she thought as a smile tugged at her lips. 'I wonder what he wants...'

So, needless to say, when Delores left her room and strolled in the direction of Sōsuke Aizen's office, she was ecstatic. What Marlis mentioned earlier was true; she was more than willing to do anything for Aizen. It was odd--Delores fancied the former 5th Division Captain primarily because he was a Shinigami. Hollows despised those creatures, yet Delores, being a type of Hollow, thought differently; to her, the Shinigami were fascinating individuals. Her body yearned to be in the presence of one at any cost, especially if they possessed the high intellect and the unfathomable powers that Sōsuke Aizen had. These same feelings, less in a sense, were revered for Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen, who were also former Shinigami Captains. Although this craze was not the norm for Hollows, it was a sensation that began long before she became aware of it.

The trip to his office was long and dismal. Although Delores traveled to the far side of the castle often, she neither like the time it took to get there, nor the lifeless activity of the hallways. Today, however, the foray was interrupted by the sound of someone else's footsteps. Her ears perked up, and her raven-colored orbs intently peered ahead to see a peculiar figure step out from the bleak shadows. Delores was surprised to see an unfamiliar male Arrancar walking towards her. This new face had short, light-blue spikey hair, and dark-blue eyes with teal green markings along the outer corner similar to the Panthera, the genus of cats. His attire consisted of a white hakama with a black sash tied around his waist, and an open white jacket with an upturned collar trimmed in black, exposing both his bare chest and Hollow hole located at his lower abdomen.

Her eyes tastefully scanned his masculine body from the bottom back up to the top. Despite his menacing frown and austere aura, his handsome facial features were his strong point. Delores locked eyes with his brilliant blue orbs and shared with him a lengthy gaze as a small, seductive smile tugged at the corners of her lips. She had never seen this Arrancar before in the castle, and it intrigued her mind--she wanted to know more about him.

"Smiling isn't one of you strong points, is it?" Delores asked playfully, letting her eyes roam back down to his exposed Hollow hole and then back up to his piercing eyes. "However, you are the only Arrancar I've seen who is capable of pulling off a scowl and look good doing it."

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked rudely, dismissing the compliment she gave him. The male Arrancar stuffed his hands in his pants pockets and waited impatiently for her to answer.

Delores was amused. There was something about his coarse demeanor that drew her towards him like a moth to a flame. Aside from meeting with Aizen soon, perhaps being awake at this unholy hour had its perks--she was delighted by this unexpected and pleasant surprise.

"Your attitude is one for the ages, but one that I like. I, too, would like ask the same question: Who are you?"

"By your lack of knowledge, I assume you are a newbie in Aizen's army of Arrancar," he said, grinning sadistically as he straightened up his posture so that his chest poked out more. "Allow me to introduce myself: I am Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques, the Séptima Espada." He turned around and revealed the number tattooed on the bottom left side of his muscular back. Facing forward again, his face was elated with a triumphant and arrogant smirk. "Since you're new, I could ask for you to join my Fracción so you don't roam around like a sad lost kitten. I'm sure I can find plenty of work for you to do."

Delores chuckled at his egotistical and suggestive comments.

"I'm charmed, really, but I'm afraid I'll have to decline your offer; besides, my Fracción would be most upset if I left them to join you, Mr. Jaeggerjaques..."

After she spoke, an adamant growl escaped from the Séptima Espada's lips, and he examined this new face more thoroughly. Her eyes were like two ebony diamonds: mystifying and sleek, shining twice as strong. Shockingly luscious lips that held a divine taste of ecstasy. The creamy cinnamon-colored skin she possessed still glistened majestically in the dimly lit foyer. Sensual curves that rivaled those of Tia Harribel, the exotic looking Tecera Espada. The damsel before him was truly a rare masterpiece who was different than any ordinary slut roaming around Las Noches, but the question he had posed still remained unanswered--who was she?

Grimmjow mentally cursed himself for letting his animalistic nature flare up because of her exotic and wild look. Thereafter, the enticing madness exited from his mind, letting his usual peacefulness return. Aside from her stunning appearance, he detected no traces of power flowing from her being. His insides began to churn bitterly from the mentioning of her Fracción.

"Just who the hell are you?" he asked demandingly, clenching his fists tightly at his sides.

The temptress sensed Grimmjow's anxiousness and smiled, letting her hand rest softly on her large, plump chest. "I am Delores Ayala," she began to say as she slowly turned to the side and extended her right leg in front. She pulled back the slit of her stylish skirt to reveal the number four tattooed on the bottom of her butt cheek. "The Cuarta Espada."

Once again, Grimmjow's world of amity shattered in an instance, thus giving birth an indignant scowl. "You're the fourth ranked Espada no one has seen?!" he shouted disdainfully.

The Espada were undoubtedly strong, very skilled, and excellent tacticians in the art of combat; their brutal nature was by far the most fearsome across the barren land of Huecomundo, yet somehow, there stood a beautiful dame who claimed to be <i>that</i> extravagant being. The realm of black and white seemingly clashed together in an instant and formed a turbulent dimension of gray. The empress of this new nebula stood a mere three feet away from Grimmjow.

It was absurd.

"Ranked?" Delores inquired, returning to her forward stance and gazed curiously at a flustered Grimmjow. "I was under the impression that we chose our favorite number and not that it represented our ranking."

He shook his head frantically and took another step forward. "These numbers were giving to us according to our strength! Don't tell me you didn't know that!"

Delores shrugged her shoulders, and an innocent smile tugged at her lips. Closing her eyes momentarily, she let all that Grimmjow said seep into her inquisitive mind. After taking the time to recollect her thought, her eyes fluttered open again as an angelic look rested upon her face.

"Thinking back, Lord Aizen did mention something about the ranking of numbers, but I do remember him saying that I could choose whatever number I liked, so I chose my favorite one."


"Although, I can see why you are upset, Mr. Jaeggerjaques," Delores said playfully, pointing in the direction of his tattoo. "If you are the Séptima Espada, then that signifies your strength at seventh best amongst all of us, correct?"

"But in your case that doesn't matter," he retorted, taking another step forward. "You could be weaker than me--"

"Or stronger?" she interrupted, walking ahead and brushing her shoulders up against his before stopping beside him. "I assure you that I am no weakling, but I will reward you a brownie point for the humorous analysis. For now, my true strength will remain a mystery." Delores winked before strutting away from Grimmjow. "It was a pleasure to meet with you Mr. Jaeggerjaques. Hopefully we can become further acquainted sometime in the near future."

Grimmjow briefly relished in the sublime melody of her voice. Dominant and dainty, her voice resembled that of a siren's--hypnotic and soothing. The way his name rolled off the tip her tongue was as if she had imprisoned him within her chaotic and enchanting world. Madness was the only word that could describe these feelings as he watched her curvy silhouette disappear into the darkness before he, too, left to contemplate this new and disturbing information.

The Espada and their Fracción were gathered together in an extremely large and dimly lit corridor, a place where Lord Aizen requested their presence. Chatting nonchalantly among themselves in an unorderly fashion, they discussed the possible whereabouts of the three former Shinigami Captains: Kaname Tōsen, Gin Ichimaru, and Sōsuke Aizen, and the absent Séptima Espada, Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques. Those congregated in the room had been there for over an hour now and waited patiently for the meeting to begin. A most likely possibility for their lateness was the reprimanding of Grimmjow for his usual rash and abrasive nature that should have been handled long ago.

"Lord Aizen has never been this late to a meeting, and the other Shinigami are nowhere to be found either," Baraggan Louisenbairn, the second-ranked Espada and former God-King of Huecomundo, said in a grouchy tone. "More importantly, that hot-headed fool is also missing. This can wait until later." Grumpily, the Segunda Espada sat next to the restless members of his Fracción. The wrinkled skin on his face and big bulky body made him all the more displeasing to look at along with his monkey-see, monkey-do subordinates.

"Perhaps he's been dismissed from our syndicate," Nnoitra Gilga, the maniacal Sexta Espada, said as a deranged grinned formed across his long lips. He peered intently over at the Tecera Espada, Tia Harribel, and insanely licked his lengthy lips. Nnoitra was always energetic in the morning and very eager to instigate a fight with someone. "That's one less idiot to accommodate." The only member of his Fracción, Tesra Lindocruz, too, waited anxiously for this affair to begin

A door soon flung opened, causing the chatter among the Espada to cease as they watched Grimmjow storm angrily into the room and sit next to the five members of his Fracción. This entrance was atypical for him despite his usual annoyed look, and everyone knew something was off. Several of the Espada questioned his whereabouts, but Grimmjow remained silent. They were not worth his time.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting," a familiar voice said in a sleek and semi-masculine tone.

Again, the two large doors wildly sprung open and in waltzed a man who was unusually thin and tall with very sharp facial features, cursing him with a skeletal-like appearance. His short, vibrant silver hair swayed to and fro as he walked to the center of the enormous room, the smile on his face was widely set much like that of Nnoitra. His outfit consisted of a long, white robe over his normal Shinigami hakama with the hilt of his zanpakutō visibly sticking out from under the robe through the opening down to his lean waist.

It was Gin Ichimaru that entered.

Soon after, another former Shinigami Captain, Kaname Tōsen, walked purposefully into the room and stood alongside of Gin Ichimaru. The dark-skinned dread-head readjusted the long white gloves that covered his dry hands, and then he wiped away the few wrinkles along the sleeveless orange and gray robe that lay over his former Shinigami cloak.

At last, Sōsuke Aizen traipsed into the dwelling area, carrying himself in a high stature as usual. The attention from him shifted to the three unfamiliar Arrancar that walked beside him as they each reached the center of the room. The murmur of voices echoed throughout the chamber as the Espada and their Fracción stared intently at these au courant faces.

A female Arrancar with the long, dirty-blonde hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail was the first to be examined. Her body was long and slender, resembling that of Nnoitra (with the addition of curves), and the blood-shot eyes and puffy bags underneath her eyes along with her dirty and wrinkled attire did not properly accentuate her feminine features and creamy caramel skin as she yawned frequently.

The dark-skinned male Arrancar, the next to be visually inspected, glared intently at the others congregated in the room. His hand remained at the hilt of his zanpakutō as if he wanted to strike someone any second. He had warrior markings decorated on both cheeks, and his icy chocolate-hued eyes burned through the empty souls of the other Arrancar. The black hair on his head was styled into a low, temp-fade, which gave him a more domineering appearance.

"Stop scowling, Santos. You'll never make any friends with that approach," the sweet voice of the other female Arrancar said, who also walked alongside of Aizen.

Momentarily, the whispers ceased as they glanced curiously between her and Tia Harribel. Although the unfamiliar female Arrancar's body bore a strong resemblance to that of the Tecera Espada, her face was far more breathtaking and pleasant to look at--the true essence of a goddess. Part of Tia's face was covered by her jacket collar to hide the remnants of her broken Hollow mask, therefore only her shimmering teal eyes were exposed.

This heavenly being stood still, her eyes frantically scanning across the room and finally resting upon the Arrancar she had encountered earlier--Grimmjow. Her lavish lips curled upward into a smile as she gazed sensuously into the indigo entry of his chaotic soul; however, Grimmjow would not allow himself to be imprisoned within her majestic treachery twice, so he frowned and tore his azure orbs away from her luring trap.

"I'm sure you are wondering why I gathered you here today," Sōsuke Aizen said smoothly, watching the curious reaction of his army as he began to introduce the Arrancar from left to right. "I want you all to become acquainted with your new comrades beside me: Delores Ayala, the Cuarta Espada, and her Fracción--Marlis Santos and Lizette Camacho."

An uproar of groans, whispers, and foul comments echoed harshly throughout the room, causing Delores to become slightly upset with their reaction. Up until this moment, Delores was delighted to finally meet the others and befriend them, however, the feeling obviously wasn't mutual.

"I don't think they like us," Delores said disappointedly and folded her arms across her large bust.

"Who cares?" Marlis replied in a sharp tone, still glaring at the Arrancar who gave he and his two comrades dirty looks. "We're not here to make friends; we're here for business only."

"It's whatever, but if they are going to hate me, can it at least be during the late afternoon?  Antipathy in the morning is not a good combination for me..." Lizette muttered, sleepiness still lingering in her eyes as her body finally gave in to the temptation of the floor, resulting in her flopping down on the cold marble ground. "Wake me up when this situation becomes relevant."

"They just need a chance to warm up to you first, Delores, so don't worry," Gin commented, placing his hand on her shoulder to comfort the Cuarta Espada.

Delores sighed, walking away from the others to embark upon her quest around the room to thoroughly examine these new faces as they did to her earlier. Out of the scornful bunch, none were charismatic or appealed to her senses; moreover, their appearances were bland and quaint, and she could not tell the difference between the Espada and their subordinates. A harsh judgment, yes, but it was what she'd received initially, so the score was now even. The only exception to her above chastisement was Grimmjow. Having limited choices, Delores pranced over to the far side of the corridor where Grimmjow, and what she presumed to be his Fracción, sat imprudently.

The first of Grimmjow's crew noticeably had lovely, sleek black hair braided into a ponytail that hung just past his shoulders. His face was unusually long and partially engulfed by the remnants of his Hollow mask, a portion of which dropped down to cover the upper-left half of his face, and then another long, spiked piece sharply pointed to the right adorned his jawline.

The second in line was a very large Arrancar with lengthy scarlet-colored hair, half of which was shaved, giving him a very strange look. The remains of his Hollow mask outlined his eyes and extended outward like mini binoculars.

Delores groaned at the bizarre appearances of the first two Arrancar and quickly skimmed over the last three, noting that they were not desirable to look at either. The only satisfactory trait they all possessed was the rich quality of their hair.

Finally, the Cuarta Espada set her sights upon Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques, who adverted his gaze elsewhere to refrain from looking at the demigoddess. Delores gleefully tiptoed two feet to the left and stood in front of this fine masculine specimen. "This must be my lucky day," she said, bending over so her face was leveled with his. "I've been blessed with your gratifying presence once again."

Contrary to his game plan, the seventh-ranked Espada let temptation guide his eyes downward to the moderate opening of Delores's trendy vest and surveyed her exposed gourmet-like breasts, the sight of which generated licentious thoughts and wiled up his carnal nature, waiting to erupt like hot lava from a volcano on a distant island.

Unfortunately, Grimmjow was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Delores spotted his interests and smiled as she licked her lips lustfully. Her hand grazed and caressed his rough, masculine face, and then gently turned it until their eyes locked with one another.

"Do you see something you like, Mr. Jaeggerjaques?" Delores asked seductively. "If there is, all you need to do is ask for it, and I'll gladly give it to you."

Breaking the trance he initially fell victim to, he pushed her hand aside as he turned away and snarled. "Fuck off!"

"Oh and here I thought we had a mutual liking of each other," Delores said in a pouty tone.

"Whoever said I liked you?" he inquired, still avoiding eye contact. "You're fucking annoying."

Delores leaned in closer towards his ear and whispered, "Well, you never said that you didn't like me either, but if it helps, I like you."

The warm sensation of her breath that trickled along his outer ear, coupled the illustrious sweet scent of ambrosia, caused the concealed lengthy member within his pants to inevitably awaken. Grimmjow struggled to regain self-control, and the internal conflict almost proved to be too much for him as the urges were becoming increasingly harder to fight back. He was becoming entangled in her web of sorcery yet again. Worse off, everyone was watching his every move. Surely the self-proclaimed King of Huecomundo was not going to lose to someone like her?


Grimmjow would never allow all that he had worked for to come tumbling down in the blink of an eye. If there was ever a time to draw from the well of his inner strength, now was that time to pull it up and fight back. His heart was rapidly racing, probably ready to explode from out of his chest at any second. He would not lose; he could not.

He was King.

Finally, being able to grab hold of his breached sanity and shake it furiously, he calmed once again and peacefully resided on his throne. It was over; he had won this relentless fight--for now.

"Didn't I say fuck off!?" the Séptima Espada exclaimed.

Before Delores made another feeble attempt to encroach his mind, Aizen briefly intervened. "Delores, I will leave you and the others to continue your acquaintance with each other. Also, please remember our conversation from earlier."

Delores gave her commander a curt nod and watched him, Kaname, and Gin exit the room, leaving her with an unwelcoming crowd. She did not mind their acrid opinion--not that it mattered anyway--however, there was one opinion that did hold value for her.


The Cuarta Espada had a knack for transgressing through a callous exterior, yet there was something different about his. There was something concealed deep within his Hollow soul; something unknown and something she wanted to know. From their first encounter, now, and hence forth, Delores made it her personal goal to claw and dig her way through the concrete walls of his cold heart and apathetic soul. Rash and rude as he might be, she accepted this challenge, this new feat--Grimmjow Jaeggerjaques.

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